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Plan of Correction (Form 2567)

Preparing an acceptable Plan of Correction for survey deficiencies is extremely important.  Great thought should be placed in your plan. 
This video series addresses the 4 questions that CMS requires to be answered for each deficiency, common mistakes made on POCs and much more.

Protected Health Information (PHI)

Protected Health Information (PHI) is individually identifiable information.  It is basically any information that can identify a patient or a resident.  Learn what consitutes PHI.

QAPI - Quality Assurance Performance Improvement

QAPI is a new approach to quality improvement in nursing homes.  It blends two complimentary approaches - Quality Assurance and Performance Improvement.  
In this series of videos, you will learn how to implement QAPI in your facility.

Senior Crimestoppers

Senior Crimestoppers provides a safe and secure living environment for senior housing residents.  Long term care facilities can particpate for free.
Find a a local community bank to support your program.  Your community bank can earn valuable credits through the Community Reinvestment Act by particpating in the program. 

Social Media - Facebook

Do you want to engage residents, connect with families and market your facility?  Social media is a great platform to achieve all three of these goals.  This video series provides tips and techniques for improving your presence on social media.

The Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act

The Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act ("PPACA") is known buy many different names, The Affordable Care Act, ACA and Obama Care.  The Act fundamentally alters health insurance coverage in America.  It places many new requirements on employers.
This video series addresses a few of the new provisions affecting employers.
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Paige Hector is a clinical educator and consultant.  Paige brings over 20 years of health care experience to her seminars and workshops on clinical operations, data and statistics, leadership and medical social work.

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