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5 Star Rating System for Nursing Homes

CMS created the 5 Star Rating System to help consumers, their families, and caregivers compare nursing home services.  Nursing homes are rated on three domains - health inspection surveys, staffing and quality measures.  This video series explores the components of the 5 Star system and provides tips to improve a facility's score.

Care Plans

Care plans outline all the care and treatment a resident should receive in a nursing home.  They are critically important to the health and wellbeing of residents. 
This video series addresses techniques for writing care plans, selecting goals, ideas for engaging residents and families in the planning process and much more.  

CASPER Quality Measure Reports

If you want to improve the quality of care provided in your nursing home, CASPER Reports are a great place to start.  CMS compilies the information submitted by nursing homes across the country and creates reports in which you can compare your facility to other facilities in key quality areas.  This video series will explain how you can access these reports online and will demonstart how you can use the Facility Characteristics Report, the Facility Level Quality Measure Report and the Resident Level Quality Measure Report to improve care in your facility.

Copyright Issues For Long Term Care Facilities

Is your facility violating copyright laws?  The answer might surprise you.
Things you do everyday from playing music to developing marketing materials have copyright implications.

Investigation of Incidents and Accidents

When an incident or accident occurs in a long term care facility, an investigation needs to take place immediately. 
This video series addresses investigation techniques, effective ways to question witnesses, pitfalls to avoid when questioning witnesses and much more.


The number of lawsuits against long term care providers has exploded in the last ten years! 
This video series addresses the reasons why people sue nursing homes, juror perceptions of long term care facilities, trial strategies and much more. 

Medicare and Medicaid

Many long term care facilities recieve reimbursement from the Medicare and Medicaid programs.  It is important for all staff members to know the basic design of the programs, the eligibility requirements, costs, health services covered and other important aspects of the programs. 

Medicare RAC Audits

Medicare Recovery Audit Contractors, commonly known as RACs, are independent auditors for the government.  The basic function of a RAC is to investigate past Medicare payments made to skilled nursing facilities and other health care providers.
This video series addresses the types of payments that RACs commonly review, the two types of Medicare RAC Audits – Automated Audits and Complex Audits, the appeals process for RAC decisions and much more.

Payroll Based Journal

The Affordable Care Act requires nursing homes to electronically submit data to CMS.  This section of the Act is commonly referred to as the Payroll Based Journal.  Facilities are required to begin collecting data on July 1, 2016.


CMS identified six target areas that are ripe for improper Medicare claims and payments. The PEPPER report allows skilled nursing facilities to compare their claims data in these six targeted areas with the claims data submitted by other skilled nursing facilities. Facilities should incorporate the PEPPER report into their overall compliance program. The report can help identify Medicare billing practices that need further review and audit.
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Paige Hector is a clinical educator and consultant.  Paige brings over 20 years of health care experience to her seminars and workshops on clinical operations, data and statistics, leadership and medical social work.

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